What are some good soccer skills?

I am good at soccer and all but I want to get better. I just want tips or tricks that I could use during a game. I usually play left midfield. I need to kick harder to and control my passes.

I played midfield for my school soccer team and needed to gain speed, and control my passes and aim better as well. One thing that I found better to build foot strength is punting a football. It might sound easy enough as punting a soccer ball but if you do it continuously you can get it in no time. If you know what medicine balls are there are ways that you can build foot strength with them to help you kick. To control and aim your kicks there are a few things that helped me which might sound like younger player stuff but really actually helped me was to get a few friends together and play soccer. As a warm-up with them you could kick back and forth a few times then run while kicking to a person whos stopped. Also just practicing alone with a ball could help you aim your passes, even going to a local school field or a soccer field and kicking a few balls into a goal would help overtime. One tip that I think that you could use is in a middle of a game, learn how to rainbow and you could rainbow the ball over people, I once did that in a game a few years back and I rainbow it while in motion and I managed to get it over a defender which was the highlight of my soccer career at school.