Soccer: Fitness and!?

I am a soccer player and plan on stepping up to the varsity team at my school, one problem…I’m very smal (100 lbs) and the others girls are way bigger. Any quick ways to have this body by January?

And what are the best cleats for girls?
Price range: $25-$100
Jackets and shorts too!

best cleats: Copa Mundial (Adidas) around $100. They’re top notch. they’re kangaroo skin, so they mold to your foot. EXTREMELY comfy. its pricey, but worth it. ive bought them twice.
Jackets and shorts: just about anything.

Gaining weight: if you’re really into soccer and really want some muscle weight at the risk of looking … a little more manly, protein shakes are great. and working out at the gym or just running. running will get you stronger and will get your cardiovascular system working better for the game to increase your stamina