How can I improve my soccer skills to even have a chance on making the high school soccer team?

I am starting to think about high school, and I realize that I REALLY love soccer and I want to keep playing. I really want to be good enough to tryout for the high school team, so I don’t completely embarrass myself infront of everyone. please help!!!

First you have to get faster and stronger. train on that by running a whole lot and going to the gym and exercising. If you get faster and stronger, defenders will have a harder time stopping you. train your shoot power and accuracy everyday. These are the kind of skills you can improve: Stamina, Speed, Shoot accuracy and power. Now dribbling skills, you can only improve them by actually playing soccer games. But these are skills you were born with, you don’t learn them. I hope you have them cuz if you don’t you probably never will. Ronaldinho didn’t learn how to do all these skills, it is just natural for him. So if you already have dribbling skills, play as many soccer games as you can during summer and improve your stamina, shoot power and accuracy, your speed. Try not to get injured.
Good Luck!!!