Help with fitness for soccer.?

I am 13 years old, wiegh about 93 pounds, and play soccer. My dribbling skills are great, however I have low endurence and get tired, and I am kind of weak. I can get past a lot of people when dribbling, however I don’t do so well when Im tired or when I a playing with someone stronger. Can someone please give me some drills and tips to get in shape.

So what you need to do is start endurance training. Try running everyday for at least 10 minutes and work your way up increasing your running time. Running up hills is also good for this.
I agree that you may also need to reassess your eating habits. Do not drink ‘energy drinks’ such as Redbull before or during a game. All it does is give you a temporary high. Make sure that you’re eating right, so fruits & veggies, grains etc. Make sure you get protein. Don’t skip meals and make sure you get a good nights sleep before you play.
In soccer you do a lot of running, so that’s definitely something to work on.
Don’t think of yourself as ‘weak’, you can’t expect to produce fabulous results is you go into a game with self doubt; besides you need skill, not brute force to be a spectacular player.