are there any soccer drills i could do to play better defense?

i suck at defense. therefore, i need some drills
Your in luck, i play defense too, am i was in the same situation u were in.

If you were anything like me, you weren’t very sprint fast, so the 1st and BEST thing you can do is sprint…ALOT. It doesnt have to be at the field either, just run around the block, and every street crossing or driveway you past, sprint across them. I will gareentee that this will help you with speed, and you can stick with your man.

The next best theng to do is with a friend, have him facing you, and have him dribble towards you, so you are moving backwards. As he does this, try to take the ball away from him, and this will help when you are one of the last on D.

Dont forget to practice passing drills either, as you will def. pass to the other defense members, or up to offense.

Here is a great one for all defense players, dont be afraid to use your body and head, b/c when i 1st played for my JV team, i was afraid, and i was benched for most of the season.

Also learn to settle the ball when its bouncing, and learn evasive maneuvers to get the other ppl away from the ball, and DEFFINATELY know how to kick the ball while its still bouncing.

This is hard when you 1st begin, but dont give up, b/c i did this, and im good at defense now.

If you have any questions, please email me.

I hope this helps.