any good soccer drills to improve me before tryouts in a month?

anything you guys tell me i will practice i PROMISE, i want to make this high school team more than anything my love for soccer is amazing! so any drills or tips to practice before tryouts?

They will want to see that you can run. Try to do sprints in your yard and time yourself. Each day, make a reasonable goal to beat the previous day’s best time by a second or two. Drink water, stay hydrated, and rest well before you try out. Regardless of your skills make sure to smile, be a positive sportsman and a good teamplayer. The Coach will see that in you and want someone with that attitude on their team. After day 1 of tryouts say “Hey, I’m really excited about becoming a member of this team… is there anything you can recommend for me to focus on or practice more?” That will show that you have initative and are motivated. Like I said previously, they will want to see that you have a stamina in running. Buy a stopwatch and a pedometer. Always write down how many steps you took in a period of time that you ran and then try to beat your previous record. Your only real competition is yourself! Good Luck!