Im coaching indoor soccer and need some tips?

Yes i will be coaching a 7-10 squad and i could really use some help with

pre-game warm-up
in game strategy
seperate keeping coaching?
seperate defending coaching?
seperate forward coaching?
seperate on the wall coaching?
getting open?
and of course formation

ok let me laydown the rules and “field”

Basically we play in a school gymnasium with 3 playable walls and the audience on the fourth. Goals are placed on each side of the gym with walls, and 1 side wall is playable and 1 is not as there is an audience. We play a 5v5 style of play. Keeper cannot drop kick it or throw it over half unless it hits the wall (this shouldnt be too much of a problem)

for a formation.. i was thinking of a + shape



obviously I would try to teach them to bend towards the wall a bit.

Any help is good help and if I could give you all best answers I will.

OK…1-3-1 is not a bad way to start…but look into 2-2-1 as well…it gives you more freedom to move players from front to back and gets the midfielders into the passing game as well as opening up the field more…which will help in 7-10 lg…They’re not completely out of the mob soccer stage but if you’re lucky you might get a couple of kids who know how to pass the ball around.

For a pregame warm up i suggest 2 laps to stretch out then get the team in a circle and let them pass the ball around to help with fast touches…or trapping the ball then passing to person across from them..

As far as keeper coaching…get the goalies on the side …or in the net …depending on how many you have and take turns tossing the ball to them…work on letting them dive to the ball…takes time to get used to hitting the floor…still have bruises…haha…and then do some coordination drills…make them catch the ball and throw it to a moving player with a defender…or practice rolling the ball to the closest unmarked player..feel free to contact me for more info…