I have some soccer or (football) questions I would like to know before starting my job coaching a team?

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I just got a job of coaching soccer or (football) and have some questions to ask so I am clear on the rules before I start. Whats the differen betwwen a winger and a right of left midfielder or are they considered the same positions?
During a free kick at goal what is the distance that the wall has to stay from the kicker? Any other info would also help. Thanks.

RIght where do I start.

WIngers or far right midfielders or left ones tend to make serching runs down the wings or bilines of the pitch in the hope to cross the ball deep to a forward in the box of the goal area,, or drill the ball hard and low or pull the ball back hopefully pulling defenders out and into the box therefore leaving attacking players free to recieve the crossed ball in the attempt to score

real fans never call it that S word

it’s 10 yards for a free kick

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I played all my life and nearly made it pro when i was young
as a midfielf player

left of right midfield can over lap with the left and right backs creating deep runs into the oppostion corners, they also support each other, if the right back makes the run, the right midfield player can drop inside, or deeper into the middle of the pitch to recieve the ball

erm if you can watch any premiership action via YOUTUB, (ENGLISH LEAGUE) you will see a lot of searching balls being passed with the right weight

if your learning to be a coach, I would personall concertrate on passing, with the right weight ie that the pace of the ball isnt too fast tto control or too slow that the player being passed to has to come and collect it

dribbling techniques, nothing flashy but the basics of round cones

controlling a ball with the body

passing the ball short long and other passes, with the inside of the foot (best control) outside casing curl, or with the top of the foot which is power,

As well, balance is key so young players need to understand the center of gravity when passing a ball if they lean back the ball goes up if you lean forward the ball goes nowhere

there is no such thing as A PLAY

teach players to form triagles onthe pitch and pass between them, this is noticable if you watch any PREMIERSHIP football on YOUTUBE

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