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Youth Soccer Training Video Makes Debut

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Youth Soccer Training Video Makes Debut

Youth soccer fans, coaches, players and parents alike have been thrilled to see the new SoccerU DVD series released. Word that the series was coming launched a long waiting list and now the series is shipping to the general public.

SoccerU is already being called “The Ultimate Technical Training Guide” and the first reviews are in. People that have watched the series are THRILLED with it and call it the most in-depth look and resource for coaches, parents and players on the market.

SoccerU is a series that contains 5 DVD disks including the Blast The Ball DVD. The series is a total of 10 hours, yes we said 10 hours, of raw technical training. The series takes you from beginner, all the way to the highest levels of technical training. It is NOT just a “beginners” training series.

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