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Hi, good evening, you’re up late!

WOW! That’s all can say really. And I was going to leave this review at that. Yes, just one word! But that wouldn’t be fair!

Grass Roots Coaching is a one stop, revolutionary online soccer coaching resource that is designed to help coaches motivate their players to enjoy training and playing by providing:

Hundreds of interactive 4D animated soccer drills that visually demonstrate drills and sessions. Don’t forget we generally learn best through visual teaching aids. Something like nearly 90% of all information is taken in by the eye. I think that figure is about right. Whatever it is exactly, it’s damn high! That’s mainly because it’s more fun than reading I suppose. The strength of one visual demonstration can be worth 1000 words! Let the system do the work.

The numerous drills and practices are searchable by skill, technique and age group category.

There is a really cool Coaches Chalkboard – it’s innovative and so easy to use online. It’s like a design tool that allows players, coaches and managers to easily design their own drills, set pieces and formations. If you can think of it, you can do it!

• You also get a comprehensive, searchable, interactive library of soccer coaching information.

You can join their world wide soccer forum and make friends with other soccer players and coaches from around the world. Swap ideas and tactics!

• Download their FREE soccer coaching magazine

• Learn all about the psychology of soccer and soccer coaching theory. Learn all about the importance of proper warms and cool downs, injuries, first aid and a load of other topics.

So the bottom line here is this is, as far as I can tell, this a must have unique online and interactive soccer coaching resource. You get realistic animations and graphics that clearly and visually demonstrate all manner of soccer coaching drills and soccer training sessions.

You can search the soccer training drills you are interested in using the excellent seearchable feature by soccer skill requirement and are age group specific.

There is a also a searchable, comprehensive, interactive library of soccerl coaching information to aid soccer players and coaches in their development and improvement of soccer skills.

To find out more about this great soccer resource, click here now…

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