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Blast The Ball is a “how to kick a soccer ball” DVD that was designed for all ages and levels of soccer players. It was designed specifically to help soccer players, soccer coaches and soccer parents better understand several points.

Important aspects like:

1. What actually happens during a soccer kick and what is the difference between the right soccer kick and the wrong soccer kick.

2.What are the different types of soccer kicks? If you don’t know what they are, well your not going to be able to perform them, are you?.

3. What happens to a soccer ball in flight and how does what you do to the soccer ball effect it in flight?

4. How do you train a player starting out in soccer and how do you change the kicks of an experienced soccer player? Very important but not as easy as it sounds!

5. Kicking a soccer ball has been over looked in soccer training for many years. Until now there has never been a “no nonsense” and “step by step” approach to learning the right soccer kicks and how to teach them.

In my opinion Blast The Ball should be viewed by anyone that is involved in soccer training at any level!

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