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Make Better Plays, Score More Goals, Play To Your Full Potential – Guaranteed!

A Program Dedicated To Helping Girls Improve Their Soccer Skills And Conditioning!

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What I’ve found with 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic is that it is far more than just a set of soccer training videos especially designed for girls. This program is an integrated system of “essential” drills and exercises which are expertly woven into an easy-to-follow course that can help improve any level of player.

The program comes in a set of DVDs, which allows you all the convenience of being able to select individual drills and exercises you want to review in addition to watching each DVD in its entirety on any DVD player or computer.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 6 DVDs in turn to see what the complete program can do for girl soccer players:

Week 1. In the first DVD you’ll be learning the exact exercises a girl soccer player should be doing to begin strengthening and conditioning her body to play with more agility and less fatigue.

You’ll learn why juggling the ball is so important for on-the-field play and how it can be “mastered” in less than half the usual time!

A powerful secret behind striking the ball more accurately and with more power, and yet without having to “muscle” the ball.

The absolute 4 best foot skill drills that a girl soccer player should be doing for better ball control on the soccer field.

Week 2. How to strengthen your lower body and legs to meet the demanding challenges of longer playing times and difficult field conditions.

An easy way to master dribbling the ball in both tight spaces and in open field situations that makes it possible to “sizzle past” even the toughest defender.

What drill to practice that will make you “bulls-eye accurate” in passing and serving the ball to your teammates and away from your opponents.

How you can capitalize on making better plays and scoring more goals just by learning how to use both the inside and outside of your foot.

Week 3. A five-minute upper body conditioning routine guaranteed to level the playing field when the game gets “physical”.

Little-known secrets about how to take the ball out of the air without losing it to a nearby opponent.

The right and the wrong way to use your “stance and balance” to effectively stay in control of the ball.

The 4 “must have” foot moves you will need to outperform your opponents when you have to challenge them one-on-one.

Week 4. How to use “core” strengthening exercises to enhance the way you move on the field and prevent indirect injuries.

The 4 “essential” beat-the-man moves you need in your soccer arsenal before you play in your next season.

How to use “first touch” effectively to receive the ball, move the ball in open space, and confidently change direction of play on the field.

How you can excel in your agility with the ball by practicing these simple but effective drills.

Week 5. Learn what exercises you should be performing to improve your endurance, agility, and strength, all in a short, concise 10-minute routine.

What 3 things you can do when an opponent “catches on” to your mezmerizing foot work and moves.

The single most important skill you should use when passing and receiving the ball to and from a teammate.

4 proven foot skill training drills that will enable you to take advantage of your competition and “wow” your coach, team mates, parents and of course your opponents.

Week 6. How to use “combination exercises” to condition all the right muscle groups simultaneously for better and more coordinated performance on the soccer field.

How to get quicker on the ball and explode past your defenders when you use the “essential” beat-the-man moves on the field.

The 2 most effective ways to shoot on goal that will enable you to improve your scoring success.

How to use skillful footwork to ease your way toward a winning goal…and a winning season!

As you can see, this is an extremely comprehensive course that will benefit any girl playing soccer, no matter what their current level.

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