I have some soccer or (football) questions I would like to know before starting my job coaching a team?

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I just got a job of coaching soccer or (football) and have some questions to ask so I am clear on the rules before I start. Whats the differen betwwen a winger and a right of left midfielder or are they considered the same positions?
During a free kick at goal what is the distance that the wall has to stay from the kicker? Any other info would also help. Thanks. Continue reading

Beckham To Sign For AC Milan

Every day, late in the afternoon, I receive an email.  I look forward to receiving this email every day.  Why?  Because it always puts a smile on my face.  It has a very British, irreverant sense of humour.  The latest to arrive into my inbox was no different, it contained the following, which I thought I’d share with you. Continue reading

English Premiership Table 08/09

Here is the 08/09 Premier League Table. I will be updating the Table as soon as the Premiership kicks off on 16th August. Which team will be sitting proudly at the top come next May? Cast your own vote now in the Poll just to the left of the page. At the time of writing it looks like a 2 horse race this year between Liverpool and Man Utd, both with 33% of the vote. Update: Chelsea are receiving a lot more votes now. Very interesting and I hope the actually title race is as hotly contested! Continue reading