Monaco’s grandiose return to Ligue 1

Monaco’s grandiose return to Ligue 1It is said that money makes the world go round and the new owners of FC Monaco will go to great lengths to prove that this saying is still valid. The rich Principality saw its team relegated to the second flight one season ago but it somehow found the strength to rebound and will play once again among the best French teams. Its return prompted rich Arab Sheiks to take over and attempt something similar to what has been done at Manchester City or Malaga.

The modus operandi is very similar and once again we see a team transform from the offensive downward, and prolific strikers being transferred. Radamel Falcao is the most prominent player to compete for FC Monaco the season after leaving Spain and there is an informative article posted at that sheds some light on the matter.

Radamel Falcao will probably feel pretty lonely up front with no other player coming even close to him in terms of skill, but will pair up with Traore. The other strikers are much younger and have plenty of time to prove their worth, but the midfield is also featuring some players with offensive valence. Colombian midfielder Rodriguez was transferred from Porto where he scored nine goals last season and made a significant contribution to the Portuguese team lifting the trophy.

The main concern for the visitors is the sub-par defense which was not reinforced after the team promoted from Ligue 2. To make matters worse, defender Raggi suffered an injury and will be unavailable tonight, leaving a gap in the defensive that will need to be plugged. Their opponents are also trying to deal with five absentees, four of them due to injury and one missing after receiving a red card. Bordeaux’s offense is more or less toothless, even so they managed to score a goal against PSG and were on the verge of pushing the game into overtime.

A late goal scored by a defender granted the reigning champions a victory in the Super Cup, but Bordeaux put up a good fight. The head-to-head record favors the hosts who won more games, particularly when they had home pitch advantage, but bookmakers have a different idea about how this match will go down. One theory for why the odds are so lopsided is that the hosts would have a harder time replacing the five absentees and have no real options in the offense.

Another way to look at this game is that Radamel Falcao will work his magic in a similar manner he did one year ago when he played for Atletico Madrid. Granted his speed and technique will be difficult to counter by the somewhat stiff defensive of Bordeaux, the hosts know all too well how to contain a prolific striker. The best wager for tonight is Bordeaux not to lose, with a 0:0 Asian handicap or a more straightforward double chance bet bound to trigger some nice profits without taking high risks.