Are Spurs Too Good To Go Down?

When you look at Spurs on paper you would probably have to say, yes they are far too good to go down.  But the cold reality is, no one has a divine right to play in the English Premier League.  You have to earn the right and at the moment, it could not get any worse for Spurs and they are, for whatever reason, definitely not earning the right.

Tottenham Hotspur have already been beaten this season by one of the promoted sides, Hull City.  Yesterday, it was “two for two” as Tottenham visited the Britannia Stadium to play Stoke City.  These two team were sitting in the bottom two positions in the League, was it too early in the season to be calling this a “6 pointer”?

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Juande Ramos, the Spurs manager.  He’s starting to get the look of a rabbit stuck in the headlights.  I obviously don’t know what the problem is for Spurs but if they don’t fix it soon it will be too late for Ramos and possibly to late for them to get out of the relegation dog fight, even at this relatively early stage in the season.  I wonder what martin Jol makes of all this?

Ramos must have been thinking his team could get a real moral busting win away from home this season, but these new boys are proving very difficult to beat.  Hull City are currently sitting 3rd in the table on 17 points.  If you say you thought that would be the case after 8 games, I’m sorry but I would have to call you a liar.  It must be far beyond the dreams of even the staunchest of Hull City fans.  They must currently be in dreamland waiting for someone to wake them up.

Spurs fan on the other hand are in Nightmare Land.  The game against Stoke could not really have gone any worse.  They even finished the game with only 9 men.  Although after the first sending off, Gareth Bale – which lead to a penalty and Stoke’s first goal, Spurs actually started to play well and took control of the game.  It only took them 6 minutes to draw level through Darren Bent, his 4th goal of the season and Ramos and all Spurs fans must have wanted the first game to just carry on, because it looked like only a matter of time before they would score to go 2 – 1 up.

But unfortunately for Spurs, the referee obviously had to blow the whistle for half-time and I’m afraid that was it for Spurs.  They never picked up from where they left off in the first half and a lot of that has to be credited to Stoke who came out in the second half and really took the game to Spurs’ 10 men.  And it was no surprise when Stoke managed to take the lead through a well worked goal, finished off at the near post by Rory Delap following a beautiful low cross right across the 6 yard line.

I can only try to imagine what Spurs fan must be thinking at the moment and it must be absolute hell for them if they know too many Arsenal fans, who must be loving their closest rivals awful situation.

I think the players always have to stay some responsibility and understand the situation they are in and do whatever they can to turn it around.  I’m sure they are more than aware of what the situation is but I would think as a Spurs fan you would hope to see a little more fight and spirit.

It could get even worse for Spurs if Newcastle Utd beat Manchester City on Monday evening.  Also equally amazingly, Newcastle are now in second to last place following Stoke’s win.  I mean what would have been the odds of Spurs and Newcastle occupying the bottom two positions in the League with November just around the corner.  A Newcastle win and Spurs will already be cast adrift and once you are in that position only one other team has escaped relegation since the Premier League began.

There’s plenty to think about for all connected to Tottenham Hotspur because if we again ask the question, are Spurs too good to go down? the answer at the moment has to be “no”!

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