Man City Owner On The Run

So good old Thaksin what’s his name, the former Prime Minister of Thailand, is supposedly “on the run” after a Thai court issued an arrest warrant for both him and his wife.  Why?  Because they both skipped bail, failed to appear in court in Bangkok on Monday and high tailed it to London instead.  They probably had a bit of site seeing to do!  Let’s not forget, this is the Chairman of a Premier League team, you could make it up, could you!?

Shinawatra and his wife will also forfeit bail in the sum of £400,000 (approx $395k) after they failed to appear for their hearing on corruption charges.

The couple are accused of making an unlawful real estate deal(s) whilst he was the Prime Minister.  Don’t, or more likely, shouldn’t the FA and / or the Premier League have some sort of vetting process for those wanting to own teams?  Just a thought.

I bet Mark Hughes wishes that was the case.  Can you imagine how Hughes must be feeling, what he must be thinking about now?!  There are reports this morning, although they are from some of the English tabloids, so take this with a pinch of salt, that Hughes has been quoted as saying he’ll quit because he is absolutely furious at the club’s transfer policy and its financial position.  And of course there are other stories stating he has vowed to stay with City and has absolutely no intention of quitting after only three months in charge and not having managed City in a proper competitive game yet.  So who knows!

But you could hardly blame they guy if he did leave, could you?  Obviously his transfer money is earmarked for other things, like paying bail and fines.

Just had a thought….£200k, isn’t that about what Shinawatra would have been paying Ronaldinho each and every week if the Brazilian hadn’t decided Eastlands probably wasn’t the place for him and that Milan is a little more swanky!

This will be an interesting story to follow over the coming weeks and months.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Should Mark Hughes go or stay at Man City?  There is an argument for both sides but my gut feeling is he’ll stay.


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