Everton Into FA Cup Final Knocking Man Utd Out On Penalties

Is Sir Alex starting to crack up under all the pressure?  First he was party to what can only be described as a pre-planned and joint attack by himself and Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce on Liverpool manager Benitez, claiming that the Spaniard was disrespectful to both Allardyce and Blackburn following Liverpool’s second goal at Anfield last weekend.  Rubbish!

From the evidence I’ve seen, the situation looks clear.  Benitez was gesticulating at Xabi Alsono, who was taking the free-kick that lead to the goal, to play a particular ball into the box, Alonso obviously didn’t agree, played in the ball he thought was best and it lead to Torres scoring the second ball.  Benitez then clearly makes a gesture and uses an expression that states in a joking way, “ok, that’s enough ordering from me, what do I know!”

The accusations by Ferguson and Allardyce are quite laughable.  How either of them have the gall to come with such a theory that Benitez was blantantly suggesting to everyone that the second goal meant the game was over and Blackburn were dead and buried is awful.  Maybe Sir Alex just wanted to get back at Benitez, again, for the equally stupid rant in the middle of January that Benitez launched at the Scot.

Whatever is going on, and I suspect is has a lot to do with Sir Alex being very worried about the prospects of Liverpool somehow pulling off the unlikely to win the Premier League title, it really getting quite boring and puerile.  It’s like a bunch of kids in the school playground at breaktime arguing and trying to settle the fight by claiming “my dad’s bigger than yours!”  Just get on with it and let your teams do the talking on the pitch, please!

Then yesterday, Ferguson sent a clear message to everyone, including the money grabbing FA (playing semi finals at Wembley!) that the FA Cup was clearly a poor third relation and really not worth winning if it means stopping Liverpool winning the title and retaining the Champions League.  Well, I’m sure that’s what most people would think too but his reasoning for putting out a second string team to face Everton at Wembley was again laughable.  Apparently the pitch was so bad he couldn’t allow his top players to run around on it.  No sure what that makes players like Ferdinand and Vidic!  Then there was no way that he could play his top players again after playing only a few days earlier in the Champions League.

Hmm!  Let’s see, I’m sure there’s a rather big whole in that particular argument somewhere.  Oh, what is it now?  Oh yes, I know.  Which two teams played in the other FA Cup semi final a day earlier after also having played the the Champions League during the week?  Yes, that’s right, Arsenal and Chelsea.  And I don’t recall either of those two teams fielding their Under 21 sides.

Plus you could also argue that Ferguson, after claiming that Benitez was disrespectful to Blackburn and Allardyce, that he was equally disrespectful to Everton and David Moyes for fielding the majority of the Utd youth team, although they nearly pulled it off, didn’t they!)

Then, not wanting to make Arsene Wenger look like a sore loser cry baby all by himself, Sir Alex then came out after the defeat to Everton on penalties to claim it was that pesky pitch again that was to blame for his sides exit from the Cup.  It was the same for all four teams and I might be wrong or just not seen it yet, but I don’t believe either Guus Hiddinck or David Moyes were complaining about the state of the pitch or stating it was the reason their team won.

Well yes, I have gone off on a rant but these managers really do get on my nerves sometimes with their spin and back stabbing.  They make politicians look like kindergarten children at times.  It’s right up there for me with players who roll around on the ground as if they have a broken leg then as soon as the award goes their way they are up and running around again like a five year old.  Just get on with it you purile bunch of overpaid prima donnas!

Ah, that’s better.  Now back to the FA Cup semi final against Everton and Man Utd…… Everton won on penalties and will face Chelsea in the Final.  Not much else you can say really.  It was a boring game with the penalties being the only real exciting bit.  Oh, and if anyone can tell me of a worse penalty than the one taken by Berbatov, and I mean in the history of penalties, please let me know.  What a disgrace!  If he was trying to be all cool and nonchalant, I think we can all agree that it really didn’t work!