Champions League Final Moscow

So what happened on Wednesday night in Moscow?  Yes, the Champions League Final, the biggest game in club football worldwide.  Short of the European Championship Final (coming up on 29 June) and the World Cup Final, it doesn’t really get any bigger.

What happened Thursday morning when I fired up the old laptop to write about said Champions League Final?  Yep, “unable to access”!  More gremlins!  The servers were down.  Great timing!

It would appear that most of my problems over the last couple of months have been down to my hosting servers, so measures are now underway to transfer which will hopefully solve all the problems and mean I can actually get back to updating the site when I want to.  Wow, that will be different!

So, poor old Chelsea and congratulations to Man Utd.  Funny old game, isn’t it?  I read yesterday, that some Utd players said they were lucky to win, and I for one can’t argue with them, they were.  But to win trophies like the European Cup, you need some luck along the way, I don’t care what team you are.  Poor old Chelsea though, they don’t seem to get a lot of it, do they.  At least not this season.  Beaten in the League Cup Final by Spurs, beaten on the last day of the season to the Championship then they dominate the game overall (especially after the break), hit the woodwork twice, their captain slips taking a penalty and even Ronaldo misses one but BAM! “season’s over folks and oh, by the way, you get zip, nothing, nada for all your efforts.  Thanks for turning up though!”


Whoops!  Looks like Terry has been watching reruns of Beckham’s penalty against Turkey where Goldens Balls did exactly the same.

I wonder if Jose had a smile on his face or not?  Just a thought!  One thing is for sure, Avram Grant didn’t.  I know he’s not the most talkative of guys but he found it hard to speak after the game, he looked like he was in so much shock.  Click the link to take a look at what Avram Grant had to say after the game.

It was certainly a dramatic night.  Not quite on the same level as Istanbul 3 years ago, not sure anything will ever match that, but compared to some of the Finals we’ve had to endure in the past (remember Red Star Belgrade v Marseilles? What a load of ****!) this one will definitely go down as a classic.

To quickly, in a nutshell, here’s what happened on the night.

Cristiano Ronaldo headed United in front after 26 minutes but Frank Lampard equalised before the interval.

Lampard and Didier Drogba both hit the woodwork before the the Ivory Coast striker saw red in extra time for slapping Nemanja Vidic over a bit of a hand bags at 10 paces incident.

Ronaldo missed his penalty, but John Terry slips and hits the post with the penalty kick that would have won it for Chelsea and then just to wrap it all up Edwin van der Sar saved from Nicolas Anelka.   Game over!

It will be interesting to see how Chelsea pick themselves up after this for next season.  But however they do it, I for one don’t think it will be with the same team that played in Moscow.  For me Drogba has to go, he’s such a moaner, he’ll do great in Italy and I reckon Lampard will follow him there.  With everything that has happened in his live over the last month or so, I just feel he’l want a complete break, something new.  It’s time to move on.

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