How can i further deveop my football (soccer) skills?

I really want to become a proffesional football player, im 15 years old, and currently live in the United States, I know i have the skill, i really want to join a youth academy preferably in Holland, where i can further develop my skills, how do i tell my parents, any ideas on how i can make my dream come true? like posting videos online or things ike that? Continue reading

Does anyone know any good soccer drills for a varsity team?

our coach is sick and he can not make our conditioning practices. there for it is up to the seniors to run practice. We have set days for skills dribbling passing shooting and scrimaging. but we need drills to back these things up. please if u ever coached or anything and know some drills or have suggestions leave them here or even email me. Thank u Continue reading

Coaching Soccer

Written By Guest Author

There are many ways of playing sports games. The main thing that needs to be observed in each of these games is that all of the rules are followed, the game is played with happiness and enthusiasm and you have someone who can help with the various situations that have a way of arising. For the various individuals who like coaching soccer this is game that should be played so that everyone has a chance to show their metal. Continue reading