Who invented Soccer? When did soccer begin? What elements of fitness are in soccer?

Please try to try an answer all of these questions. If you know a answer to 1 of the question please post!

Have you ever wonder how soccer / football games get into our life? When and where is the origin of this game from? Why is it so many peoples in the world crazy about this game? Almost every culture has reference to the history of soccer. Continue reading

Soccer Drills

Written by Guest Author Roue Yecpot

For every sport there are certain activities that must be done in order for the game or activity to be accomplished properly. This holds true for soccer as well. One of the ways that players get ready for their practice sessions especially before a big game is by doing some soccer drills. There are a large number of these soccer drills that can be chosen but it is the coach’s choice of what will be used. Continue reading