Bayern gets another chance at winning the Champions League

For the first time in the history of Champions League, we will witness a final between two German teams and once again Bayern is favorite to win. One year ago, they enjoyed the same status as they’ve played at home against Chelsea, but eventually they’ve lost at penalties and all their effort went down the drain. Few remember that a couple of years ago, the British site suffered a similar fate at the hands of Manchester United, and lost the final in Moscow. Those who want to refresh their memory should head on to


Chelsea brilliantly recovered after two seasons and in 2012 they achieved something that few thought possible before the Champions League began. Bayern is going to face the only team in the Bundesliga that they didn’t defeat this season, as both games against Dortmund ended in draws. Their opponents will be missing one vital player, as Gotze will be kept on the bench with an injury but many suspect that this is a strategy. Klopp doesn’t want to use him against his future team and this is something that Bayern is thrilled with, because this was one of the most dangerous players.

On the other hand they would still have to worry about Lewandowski, as the only striker single-handedly defeated Real Madrid. He was just as effective against Bayern in the domestic season and he somehow finds opportunities to score from the least likely situations. With no home pitch advantage, and facing one of the most offensive teams in Europe, Bayern will need to employ the same tactic they used against Barcelona. At least in theory, what worked brilliantly against the best Spanish team of the decade, should work smoothly against Borussia, but only time will tell whether they succeed in containing their rivals.

With no absentees and a coach that is respected by both players and supporters for his achievements, the Bavarian club starts with the first chance to win. Bookmakers tend to overprice the favorites and this season they offer odds of 1.40 for Bayern to lift the trophy and 1.80 for them to prevail in regulation time. There is no value in the former odds, because regardless of how good the team might be, a Champions League final remains an unpredictable event. Those who want to make this game more interesting by placing a wager, should at least go for the regulation time victory.