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howdie soccer blogger
listen, thanks for all the free stuff. wow, just luv it!

Loving this (especially for nothing!!). Coach local school u14 girls team and have started using some of the things you talk about. Girls liking it too, making my life easier!
Thanks so much

cool stuff, learning loads!

The Soccer Blog Soccer Fitness, Training & Skills eCourse Will Help All Soccer Players And Coaches Of Any Level, Any Age, Male Or Female To Improve Their Fitness & Skills.

The Better You Become The More You Will Enjoy Training And Playing Soccer, Just Makes Sense, Doesn’t It?

And Here Is Just A Sample Of What You Will Learn And Improve for Free:
(Even If You Have Never Kicked A Ball Before Or You Are Your Team’s Star Striker!)

TESTIMONIALS:Sorry, you’ve made one huge mistake as far as I can see!!
I didn’t pay one red cent.
It’s FREE!!!!!!
You sure that should be right?
just thought i’d point that out.
Are all you Brits so generous?

I just got the first part…fun to read and a lot of hard facts…..
Eagerly expecting the next “dose”.

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Learning 10 key areas that will allow you to play soccer at your optimum level, including:

Part 1

Building up your strength and endurance.
Improving your cardiovascular conditioning.

Part 2

Which foods you must eat and more importantly those you MUST NOT eat!
How to eliminate bad habits.
How to establish an all over body work-out routine.
How to achieve the best results from each step to enable you to perform at your peek.

Part 3

Soccer drills to improve your skills, with accompanying videos. Some of the drills included are:
back heels
heading and lots more.

Part 4

Learn about common soccer injuries and how to prevent them.
How to increase your enjoyment of playing soccer. You play because you enjoy it, right? Enjoy it more!

You are going to learn about Soccer Training and how you can help prevent injuries.

Part 5

Learn how to protect yourself against injuries during training.
Learn how to do a proper warm-up routine, with videos.

You are going to learn some great training skills that will help you develop and increase your performance.

Part 6

Training sessions should be fun.
With the help of videos you’ll learn methods of dribbling the ball, how to increase your speed, shooting and volleying the ball, and others.

You are going to learn some great soccer skills and tricks that will not just improve your overall game, but will make you stand out from your teammates and opponents.

Part 7

With the help of videos you’re going to learn such skills as tackling and blocking.
How to properly strike a ball.
How to juggle the ball.

And lots more.
And finally, we also take a look at the growing phenomenon of Girls Soccer.

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