Who Will Win the 2010 World Cup?

This summer the 2010 World Cup will determine the best team in the world.

Everyone has their opinion on who will win, but it is clear that Brazil and Spain will be very strong teams. Once again Brazil is loaded with some of the world’s most recognizable players. They easily advanced through the qualifier, but the competition is guaranteed to be much stiffer in South Africa this summer. Portugal, the strongest competitor in Brazil’s group, will be sure to give them a challenge.

Spain is looking to be very strong, and had a fortunate draw for their group. They also have a star-studded lineup and the people of Spain are expecting them to bring home the world cup. As usual, England will put together a very strong squad full of the usual names. Lampard, Rooney, and Gerrard will be sure to create some magic on the field this summer.

England is expected to advance out of their group, but their performance in the final rounds has always been shaky. One of their more obvious weaknesses is the lack of a strong goalkeeper. Germany will be a strong competitor in England’s group, and their size and strength will be sure to give England a challenge.

Portugal will also be a threat, but their performance during qualifiers was disappointing.

Argentina will be strengthened by the presence of Lionel Messi, but they are a young team and may not have the composure to succeed in the later rounds. This summer should be an excellent test to see how much this team has developed.

Italy is the defending world champion, but there are many doubts that they could repeat the same victory. Many of their skilled players are growing older, and will have trouble keeping up with the younger squads.

Even after the controversy over Henry’s handball, the French will still have a good shot at reaching the later stages this summer. They have a skilled team, but it is unclear whether they will be able to put it all together.