Thierry Henry Handball Controversy Video

The soccer world is abuzz with the recent “Hand of Henry” controversy. Thierry Henry’s recent handball against Ireland has sparked outrage, especially among Ireland fans who won’t be seeing their team in the 2010 world cup. Henry used his hand to redirect the ball in a play that directly resulted in a goal. This tied up the game and prevented Ireland from advancing.

After being approached by the media Henry admitted that it would be fair to replay the game, but in the end he has no control over the situation.

FIFA has remained firm with their decision to accept the game, even after appeals from Ireland’s football association.

Henry was embarrassed of the way in which France advanced to the world cup, and regrets his decision to handle the ball. He claims that it was a natural reaction and he didn’t mean to cause any harm. His play has been called the “Hand of Henry” in remembrance of Pele’s infamous handball. Now there is nothing Henry can do except wait for the buzz to die down, and continue on with the French national team. Although there have been requests for video appeals, there is no sign that FIFA will be making an changes soon.